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The University of Haifa has taken multiple measures to ensure the safety of our students. The University has security guards at the entrances to the campus as well as at the entrance to each building. In addition, there is a security guard at the entrance to the dorms 24-hours-a-day. In case of an emergency, the University of Haifa has a crisis management and evacuation plan in place.

Part of the orientation international students are given upon arrival to campus are instructions on how to keep themselves safe while in Israel. We advise all students to register with the embassy of their home country, we require that students rent an Israeli cell phone so that we can reach them at all times, and we ask that they inform us when they choose to travel out of Haifa. All of these measures allow us to know where they are and to be able to give them security updates when necessary.

Because there are places in Israel that may be less safe, and because international students are not always familiar with these areas, we encourage our students to participate in the trips that we offer. All of our trips and tours are organized and run in consultation with the relevant security authorities, including the University's Security Division and the Israeli Police and Defense Forces. Should students decide to travel on their own, we encourage them to consult with International School staff so that we can assist them in planning their trip.

If there is an emergency in Haifa, we immediately contact all of our students to be sure that they are safe. We ask them to contact their families directly, but we will also send out an e-mail to addresses of family and friends that the students have given us. We encourage family and friends at home who are worried about their student to be aware that what you see on television and what may actually be happening in Israel are not always the same. Despite the political situation in the region, Israelis continue to live their lives, including going out to public places and riding buses, and our international students agree that they feel safe in Haifa.

Campus Life

The manageable size of the campus exposes international students to the events and activities taking place throughout the semesters. Students at the International School are strongly encouraged to participate in the variety of activities including concerts, fitness classes, salsa and Israeli folk dancing, lectures and conferences on various topics and sports competitions. In the International School, we promote the diverse religious and ethnic self-expression of all of our students and help them find their own unique connection to Israel. The campus is a mix of secular and religious Jewish native Israelis, new immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, North and South America and Europe, and Israelis whose religious and ethnic backgrounds are Muslim, Christian, Druze and Bedouin.

Social Activities

The University of Haifa International School offers a range of optional co-curricular activities for students participating in the various international programs. An experienced staff of student activity coordinators prepares an extensive itinerary of trips and tours which offers students an enlightening view of Israel, its people, natural beauty and cultural sites. Visiting lecturers come to speak on various aspects of life in Israel, including politics, security, religion, culture and other topics of interest to the students. Some activities may require additional fees. For a list of typical social activities please clickhere.

Cultural Immersion

The International School makes every effort possible for students to become part of Israeli society. Israeli students will be enrolled in the program with international students, and international students will live alongside Israeli students in the campus dormitories.

Students can take advantage of the volunteer opportunities both on and off campus. Students may request to join a local family for a festive meal on holidays and the Sabbath, which is rewarding for both the student and the families involved.

Community Service 

The International School encourages all students to volunteer in the greater Haifa community while studying in one of our programs. Native English speakers may choose to tutor immigrant children and youth. Students who wish to participate are paired up with an immigrant child, usually from Ethiopia or the former Soviet Union, and meet once a week. Non-native English speaking students may volunteer to visit a senior citizens' home or to tutor university students in a foreign language other than English. If a student has an additional interest or idea for a volunteer project, we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements. The experience of volunteering allows students to meet and develop close connections with Israelis and to understand first-hand some of the social issues affecting Israel. This investment of time and emotional energy also provides students with an opportunity to leave their mark on Israel before returning to their home country. Please contact the International School for more information about volunteer opportunities.                

The Library 

There are a number of facilities on campus to which our MA students will enjoy full access. The University of Haifa Library, offering computerized services as well as some two million book and non-book items, is one of the most advanced of its kind in the country. The library houses a large collection of both English and Hebrew books, as well as smaller collections of books in other languages.

Upon presenting their student ID card, international MA students have complete access to library services, such as checking-out books and one-on-one consultations with library staff to help locate any item in the library or at neighboring institutions across the country.

Please click here to visit the home page of the University Library.

Computer Rooms

There are computer rooms available throughout the University campus as well as in the dormitories for student use. The computers are IBM compatible and are equipped with internet and Microsoft software programs. In order to print, students will need to purchase a print card. Hours of the computer rooms vary depending on location.

In addition, wireless internet access is available from a variety of locations on campus. Students who have laptops that are wireless-accessible will be able to use their laptops to connect to the internet.

Sports Center

All MA students are welcome to purchase a membership to the Sports Center on campus. The Sports Center includes a gym with a variety of aerobic and weightlifting machines, tennis courts, and several large gyms for basketball, volleyball, and other activities. During the academic year the Sports Center is open Sunday through Thursday from 6:30 until 22:00, and Friday and Saturday from 8:00 until 15:00. Hours in the summer may vary. The cost for all students to join the Sports Center is 300 shekels for a semester.

In addition, international students are welcome to participate in the University's intramural sports teams, including basketball, soccer, ping-pong, and volleyball.

The International School at the University of Haifa requires that all students be covered by an Israeli health insurance company. We work with the Harel Insurance Company and the health insurance covers all injuries or illnesses that occur while you are in Israel. The insurance provides coverage from the moment you leave your home country until the moment you return to your home country.

 The health insurance provided by Harel does NOT cover any pre-existing conditions.  Therefore, if you have any pre-existing conditions, we require that you also be covered by insurance from your home country that will be valid for treatment in Israel.

Health insurance is included in the tuition fees for all full-time students studying in the International School.

Harel-University Medical Services