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The MA Program in Peace and Conflict Management is a rigorous, one-year program of study that introduces an interdisciplinary approach to peace and conflict. The curriculum addresses intergroup conflicts at different levels, ranging from local communities to the international arena, and a variety of approaches to dealing with conflicts in different parts of the world with special attention to the Middle East. In addition to the great variety of courses, the program offers a practicum (field internship) and a wide range of exciting and enriching extra-curricular activities.



Why Haifa?

With a pluralistic, ethnically and religiously diverse population Haifa provides the perfect backdrop for students from around the globe to come together to learn about conflict and peacemaking. The Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities of Haifa, along with the neighboring Druze villages of Isfiya and Daliat el-Carmel, are important components of the city's social and cultural development, which have contributed greatly to the city's cultural life, creating a modern Mediterranean city that is truly special.