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Personal and Professional Growth

We put emphasis on the student's personal growth in the journey towards mastering the field. We make an effort to help students synthesize theory and practice, personal experience and challenges emerging in times of conflict, professional development and leadership in the process of constructing their professional identity. Through experiential-learning and reflective-practices, students learn to both master the skills and reflect on their own personal challenges on the path of becoming a professional. The program provides students with opportunities to pursue their own intellectual development   and focus attention on areas of conflict that they find particularly interesting. The program exposes students to scholars and leading practitioners through designed guest-lectures, to social phenomena and complex conflicts unique to the region through day-trips, to the everyday work of professionals through placement in organizations for a semester-long practicum, to the vibrant intercultural community of Haifa. The program's faculty invites students to challenge their perceptions and knowledge in ways that that will serve them in their future professional endeavors and in life circles also outside the professional realm.