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The setting

Israel is a diverse society dealing with multiple deep cleavages, the most notable of which is between Jews and Arabs. In addition, the country is involved in protracted conflicts with some of its Middle Eastern neighbors, but also maintains peace accords with some of the countries in the region, some longstanding (with Egypt and Jordan) and some relatively recent (with UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan). As such, Israel is a unique environment for learning about conflicts as well as attempts to promote peace, and constitutes a real-life laboratory for gaining hands-on experience in efforts to promote shared societies and build peace.

Haifa is a multi-cultural ethnically and religiously diverse city, with Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities. It is also home to the World Center of the Baha’i faith. These, along with the neighboring Druze villages of Isfiya and Daliat el-Carmel, are important components of the city's social and cultural life. It is the only city in Israel taking part in the International Intercultural Cities Network. The student body at the University of Haifa reflects the diversity of the city and the region of Northern Israel, and allows students to immerse themselves in this environment and experience its challenges and opportunities in person.